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Be Defiant.. Become the Norm!

Our story 

Yo, what’s good? I'm Dazzle (Founder of Urban Shredderz). I had always grown up wanting to try snowboarding after watching 'Cool Runnings' and the Winter Olympics. However, being of Pan-African heritage there was a cultural taboo associated with trying winter activities.

So, in my late-20’s after having a wicked week in Avoriaz, France at Snowboxx ‘17; I decided to create Urban Shredderz after people took an interest in my experience through the videos and pictures I shared with them.

Urban Shredderz aims to unite like minded people that want to try something new or shred as a collective; whether you're a snowboarder, skier, beginner, intermediate or advanced. Also, we want to encourage those of Pan-African heritage and other cultural backgrounds to defy stereotypes by getting involved.

By sharing our experiences, we aim to reshape the definition of the 'norm' socially. Through inclusivity, we stand with those that have felt like they wouldn’t fit in or didn't know where to begin; embracing people regardless of culture, nationality, gender, religion and ability. We’ll share tips, pictures, videos, upcoming events and festivals throughout the seasons.



Our Values

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Since 2017, we’ve been growing a community based on diversity and inclusion. Encouraging those of different cultures, genders and physical abilities to join us on snow covered playgrounds.



We’ll be addressing the misconceptions and cultural taboos associated with winter activities by sharing our experiences and tips. All through an under represented narrative of cultural diversity.



Brrr the coldest urban look with energy and edge; Stay Reppin’ with our merch by wearing our tees and snapbacks. Introducing hoodies, beanies, sticker packs and more to our shop late-2018/ 2019.