Essential Winter Equipment | HEADS UP

When I decided to speak to my boys about going on a winter trip, I couldn't help but think of the Michael Schumacher accident in 2013 on the French Alps (search via Google) and yearly news reports of avalanches that have taken place.

Obviously, we all want to return safely from any holiday we go on. So, after you've decided on the seasons stylish or wacky clothing designs you want to be seen in on the slopes, you should take time to think about the equipment you'll need to keep you SAFE on your trip.

Winter equipment are items that will provide protection, storage, assist communication and enable you to record your the experience.

I have listed below the equipment items needed for those planning a snowboarding/ski trip:


  1. Helmet

  2. Goggles

  3. Rucksack (carry water to stay hydrated)

  4. Lip Balm/Sun Cream

  5. Wrist Guards (especially snowboarders)


  1. Sunglasses

  2. Protective Padded Shorts

  3. Protective Elbow Pads

  4. Protective Knee Pads

  5. Flashlight/ Torch

  6. Action Camera (eg. GoPro HERO5 Session)

  7. Portable Speakers

  8. Walkie Talkies

Buying winter equipment is like anything you purchase, you get what you pay for. Beginners/first timers are less likely to want purchase expensive equipment and clothing. However, I would suggest that anything fundamental to your safety is worth the investment!

Initially, I assumed that everything ski/snowboarding related was really expensive; which is true if you're buying things on an actual ski resorts. However, if you do your research beforehand, you'll find bargains, discounts and affordable equipment deals online.

I have listed below the retailers I personally purchased my winter trip equipment from:


  • Amazon

  • eBay

Written by Dazzle