What Are Shredderz? | HEADS UP

Right, so the million British pound question I'm asked is "What are Shredderz?" And, I'm £999,999 away from being a millionaire so maybe I should charge £1 every time I'm asked (wishful thinking).

Anyway, the idea came to me when thought about something my boy kept saying as we were skiing/snowboarding down a blue run in Avoriaz, France. So, as he was recording us on Snapchat, he repeatedly said "Yes shredding, shredding.. shredding with the team!".

As I didn't know the lingo and thought it sounded odd, with a puzzled look on my face I asked "Bruv, what is shredding?". He explained that ski and snowboard slang word "shred" is simply describing the act of skiing and snowboarding down the slopes.

Also, people may also refer to it as "carving". However, Urban Carvers didn't have an attractive ring to it.

So, while thinking about what to call our collective of winter sport enthusiasts; Urban Shredderz was born!

Be Defiant... Become the Norm!

Written by Dazzle