Snow Limits: Black Ski Group Celebrates First Anniversary | NEWS

Winter sports collective Urban Shedderz will celebrate the first birthday of its event, The Linkup, at the Snozone, Milton Keynes on Saturday July 28.

WINTER SPORT enthusiasts Urban Shredderz will be celebrating the first birthday of its popular event, The Linkup, on Saturday July 28 at Snozone Milton Keynes.

Darryl George, the founder of Urban Shedderz, created the event to encourage people from urban communities and diverse cultures and backgrounds to take part in ski and snowboard activities.

Since it launched last year, Urban Shredderz has hosted several events at both The Snow Centre in Hemel Hempstead and Snozone, Milton Keynes.

George said: “I am proud that The Linkup has successfully brought people from various walks of life together and encouraged people to try something new. The Linkup has attracted 45 plus participants across all events to date; both adults and children. 

“I have spoken to members from various communities and within the snowsports industry, who have all been extremely supportive of what I aim to achieve. I want to inspire people to see the possibilities in life and not conform to social stereotypes or pressures.”

The event has attracted a following from cities including London, Bristol and Birmingham.

The event combines a fun, friendly and sociable vibe with skiing and snowboarding at an indoor snow-covered slope. After hitting the slopes, the social element continues in a private space with food, drink and music.

George’s interest in winter sports was inspired by the film Cool Runnings. Ever since watching the film, he had wanted to try snowboarding.

He felt that within Pan-African communities a cultural taboo existed around trying activities that involved snow and cold weather. When the topic was discussed he often heard comments such as “we don’t do that”.

Undeterred, George knew that there were others out there like him who wanted to get involved in winter sports and he felt a fairly priced social event would give them the opportunity to try the activities.

Lloyd Labi, a Linkup participant, said: "Others miss out on so many things that could create a whole new avenue in their lives." He said he sees the positivity an event like The Linkup can have in communities where people feel there are a lack of opportunities.