#TeleSkiFest 2018 | EVENT

London, a very big and diverse city with lots happening all day, every day. However, it wasn’t until I got in to winter sports (in 2017) I discovered the Telegraph Snowboarding & Ski Festival existed. Located in the heart of Battersea Park, I decided I had to check it out for myself.

Activities / Attractions

A shuttle service was available Battersea Park, taking people to and from the Battersea Park entrances and festival area. However, I decided to stroll 5-7mins along the path to take in the sights instead. After having my ticket scanned, I was given a free festival map of exhibitors. Initially, I noticed a big ferris wheel with pop-up chalets of various brands lining the path to it and the smell of coffee.

The ferris wheel was popular with the kids, to queued excitedly for the best view in festival. Within 5 metres was a slope simulator provided by Chel-Ski; allowing visitors to get a taste of skiing and snowboarding while aided. Although, the most noticeable attraction outside had to be Mount Battersea which is a snow covered jump, moldered by a team of a talented park shapers. Freestyle skiers and snowboarders would showcase their skills by doing some mad jumps, tricks and flips.

Also visitors could buy food and drink from various pop-up vans or alternative grab a drink from the outdoor bar near Mount Battersea or the indoor bar area.

Brands / Exhibitors

Exhibiting 100’s of brands indoors and outdoors, the festival wasn’t short of various services or products to see. I’ve given shout-outs to those brands that most caught my attention on the day below:

  • Undeniable Threads are a brand created by some cool guys based in Milton Keynes. They’ve focused on creating the ideal hoodie for snowboards, taking in to considerations the technical specifics needed for a comfortable ride.

  • AllWinter Snowboarding are a duo who discovered a problem while on holiday, that carry a park/freestyle board (for tricks) often meant if snowed heavy people would be stuck if they didn’t have a powder board (for deep snow). However, this led to them creating a solution with their Snowdaze product; which is a add-on that converts a regular board to a powder board.

  • Carv is a cool technology which placed inside a persons ski boots; providing the skiers with feedback on how they can improve their riding. An excellent alternative to shelling lots of money hiring a personal instructor for 1-to-1 lessons.

  • Oneskee is a brand that offers a simple but cool looking all-in-one ski suit similar to a onesie.

  • OOSC offer an all-in-one retro style ski suit to standout on the slopes, with very similar look to a onesie.

  • Decathlon is a great retailer for those looking for to purchase affordable equipment for a holiday or season.

Destinations / Resorts / Travel Companies

Among the various brands were several tourist boards, resorts and travel companies showcasing the best they had to offer. I feel the most challenge step to booking a winter holiday is finding an ideal destination within budget when you don’t know where to look, so below are few recommendation from those who attended the festival:

Tourist boards from both Andorra and Botovets were both in attendance, with both locations being well-known for their affordable prices. If you want to know more, please read “Winter Holidays: What’s the Cost?” to find out more on the affordability of both locations these for a winter holidays.

Also Austria was represented at the festival, boasting an impressive central event space. In April 2019 I will be spending 1 week at a festival in Mayhofhen, so I’ll definitely share my experience as Austria is commonly known as having some of the best pistes in Europe but not as affordable to those on a lower budget.

Lastly, Sunweb may be a useful site to book a winter holiday through as they include ski passes in their packages price. An extremely helpful addition, as ski pass prices can often one of the biggest expenses of a winter holiday; especially if not budgeted for.

People I met

Unexpectedly, I bumped in to someone I had connected with via Instagram but hadn’t met in person. I spoke with several people on the day but none were more interesting than Neil Campbell, who I randomly recognised whilst walking towards Mount Battersea. We spoke for close to an hour; with him sharing his experience of getting in to snowboarding, his travels, park shaping, the increase in the pan-Africans attending #TeleSkiFest and his acknowledgement of Urban Shredderz.

Also, I had the pleasure of meeting 3 friendly ladies who had taken their kids as a day out for half-term. As none of their kids had ever tried winter sports, they decided they wanted to give them exposure to something new, which could led to them taking an interest in it, in the future.

Outro / Conclusion

As a summary, the #TeleSkiFest is an excellent day out for those interested in getting a taste of the winter experience with various activities to do and lots of industry experts with knowledge on useful tips and tricks. Also, discounts with several brands are also available on the day so its worth popping down to grab a few bits instead of paying full price online or in a high street store. Whether you’re an experienced rider or simply looking for a day out with the kids for something different to do, its different worth giving it a try.

Written by Dazzle