What's New Pop-Up | EVENT

August 1st 2018, I was pleasantly surprised when I was contacted by duo the at What’s New Pop-Up; who were planning their 2nd installment of their Sports & Fitness event and have considered Urban Shredderz a brand they’d like to work with.

What’s New Pop-Up host pop-up events to showcase up’n’coming brands, giving them a platform to promote their services and products to a wider audience.

After meeting with Steph and Alison in person, I knew it was something I wanted to be apart of and agreed to participate in their Sports & Fitness 2.1 event on Sunday 2nd September 2018.


Fast forward, event day and I arrive early to setup the Urban Shredderz section. The DJ is running some riddims and I’m bussing a 2-step as I wait for the doors to open.

The energy on the day was great with flowing conversations, music, challenges and competitions happening throughout the day. What’s New Pop-Up 2.1 was a excellent experience, were I met a lot of good positive people while getting to share what the winter sports experience is like, which many found refreshing.

Believe In The Come Up… Bring on 2019!


WNP: Season 2.1 - Sports & Fitness Highlights

Steph and Alison shout Urban Shredderz 7:29 mins onwards.

Written By Dazzle