What is Après Ski? | HEADS UP

If you’ve ever heard the saying “All the glory with none of the risk”; Après Ski can be seen as very similar in winter holiday terms.

Après Ski is a misleading term until you know what it refers too because people often think it involves skiing. Après is a French word; translated, basically means “after”; therefore meaning ‘After Ski/Skiing’. However, in modern times, it doesn’t need to only take place after the activity of skiing or snowboarding; Apres Ski has become an all day thing.

People that are skeptical about trying winter holidays often want to experience the views and fun without the risk of gliding down a piste. Well for those that are risk adverse there is a solution to enjoy all the fun and virtually none of the risk, Après Ski is the perfect option. Après Ski is the social and entertainment element of a winter holiday with no fixed structure, so it can involve drinking games, competitions, live DJ sets and performances.