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Urban Shredderz dare to be defiant by challenging cultural or social stereotypes as they take to snow-covered slopes.

The Linkup is a social event targeted at providing snowsports as an alternative activity for those of Pan-African heritage and other cultural backgrounds; as well as those from urban communities. On Saturday 29th July 2017, Urban Shredderz successfully hosted their launch event at The Snow Centre in Hemel Hempstead; gathering an impressive amount of participants, travelling from as far as Bristol and Birmingham to attend.

Within Pan-African communities, discussions regarding activities that involve snow are often met with laughter, baffled expressions or comments like “black people don’t do things like that”; as it’s seen as culturally taboo. Darryl George, founder of Urban Shredderz grew up in Waltham Forest, East London and recalls having access to ice-skating but not skiing and snowboarding. Often the assumption is that it is an elitist leisure activity that is overpriced or simply too expensive. However, there are those who want to try these activities but feel isolated as they are often unable to find anyone to go with.

On returning from a winter music festival in the French Alps, Darryl began sharing stories of his experience with friends, family, and colleagues. He discovered people were amazed by the pictures and videos he shared. Additionally, he realised there were many misconceptions of snowsports and winter holidays. Many said they would be interested in experiencing snowsports and a winter holiday but wouldn't know where to begin. Darryl decided to startup Urban Shredderz as a platform to encourage diversity within snowsports; as well as inform people of events, news, his experiences, answer misconceptions and the facilities where people can learn to ski or snowboard.

Prior to attending The Linkup young married couple Shey and Craig Fyffe were not aware of how they could get involved in snowsports; therefore said they “probably wouldn't have tried it” otherwise.

With a lack of diversity associated with snowsports, a participant at The Linkup, Lindsey Blair said “there's not much diversity and there's no reason why there shouldn't be. People just don't think about trying it but would enjoy it, if they did”.

Similarly, Lloyd Labi feels that “others miss out on so many things that could create a whole new avenue in their lives" and sees the positivity that an event like The Linkup can achieve in communities where it is felt there is a lack of opportunities.

For all information on Urban Shredderz please visit www.urbanshredderz.co. Stay up-to-date with news on what’s taking place throughout the snow season that people can get involved. Additionally, get involved via social media by following @urbanshredderz on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Snapchat.

Be Defiant... Become the Norm!

Written by Dazzle

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